Friday, March 3, 2017

False Starts

Saw this at the gym and it really spoke to me. How many false starts am I allowed?

I travel to two pre-K, five elementary, two middle and one high school building. While I don't visit every building ever day I am sometimes stretched mentally and physically. When I say sometimes I really mean always.

The other day I was in an elementary classroom to talk about Skype and breakout. Skype wouldn't install, I knew the issue but was semi-powerless to solve it. I was able to get it resolved before I left but that took time away from what we really wanted to do. We could not really move forward without getting Skype running which killed the momentum of the project. 

Then I mistakenly locked a lock for breakout and it may be permanently locked.

All good intentions aside, sometimes I feel I can only get so far in the tiny amount of plan time teachers are afforded. 

Some days all I seem to be able to do is get things half accomplished.That eats at me.


  1. Some days, we can only do what we can do. It's difficult to accept, but I think they are there to make the good days feel even better.

  2. Half accomplished is better than not accomplished at all. :) I often feel the same--the constraints of time are overwhelming and even though I just have two teachers to directly serve, I always feel like I can never give them enough. No matter what, though, you are doing work that is moving teachers forward and very much appreciated!

  3. As I read your post, I thought about the probability that when things are out of your hands in critical ways, end success is harder to realize. When I worked as an assistant superintendent, I was most often at the mercy of principals and teachers and board members. It is a lot of work and strategic planning. Contingencies became very important.

  4. The saying goes, "It is what it is." Sometimes we just have to roll with it. Frustrating, I know. Be glad the days over and a new day brings new beginnings.